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Find the right portable Extreme-Jon washroom for you!

With 8 different Extreme-Jon models available….  no matter how Extreme!

Looking for plastic? We offer RapidLoo, the first demount-able portable toilet which assembles in under 3 minutes without any tools, not even a screwdriver!

Our Standard is Premium.

Our Standard is Premium

Each Extreme-Jon washroom is built with the highest quality materials, fully insulated, and are temperature controlled.

Fully Insulated

Each portable washroom is built with 1½” Polyurethane insulated metal clad panel construction (R12)

Temperature Controlled

Each unit is equipped with a thermostat-controlled heater.


All units come standard with a steel forklift pocket skid

The Best Portable Extreme-Jon Washroom Experience

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We offer a wide-range of temperature controlled, ADA compliant, hygienic portable Extreme-Jon washrooms and shower facilities across North America.

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