What We’re About

We are in the business of providing Extreme-Jon All Season Portable Washrooms to various rental/service companies, campground facilities, construction sites, mines, festivals and other heavily attended public events.

Elaine Zulak

Office Manager/Unit Designer
Elaine has several years experience in Business Administration and Interior Design. It is with her expertise that our Extreme-Jon Portable Washrooms have their distinct look. She is the Lead Designer for all custom units and is the key to finding what you need.

Richard Zulak

Chief Operating Officer/Director of Marketing
Richard has 17 years of experience working in marketing, development, refinement, manufacturing and sales of many products related to tubs, tanks, rig mats and oil rigs. Having been with Extreme-Jon for the past 10 years, his expertise has allowed us to become the leader provider of All Season Potable Washrooms in North America.

The Best Portable Extreme-Jon Washroom Experience

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We offer a wide-range of temperature controlled, ADA compliant, hygienic portable Extreme-Jon washrooms and shower facilities across North America.

Box 433 – R.R. 55 , Hwy 16

Seba Beach, Alberta,

Canada T0E 2B0