Rapidloo Portable Washrooms

RapidLoo PRO is the portable toilet that can be assembled in less than 3 minutes and without the use of tools!
The innovative patented assembly system introduces many advantages.
The rapid assembly system of RapidLoo PRO, Demountable Portable Toilet, enables amazingly easy assembly of the cabin, component by component, with parts to be handled consequently of a weight of no more than 18 Kg ( see internet standards regarding lifting). Furthermore, RapidLoo PRO may be pre-packed in a 4-toilet packaging form, utilising the same space as one assembled toilet.
The Demountable Portable Restroom Toilet by T blustar can be provided with an internal wash hand basin also functioning as a flush system.

Use RapidLoo for 1 year and save Money!

We supply and sell Rapidloo models

Manufactured by  T BLUSTAR

  • A revolutionary product, with a RapidLoo up and running in less than 3 minutes.

  • Owners can assemble the portable toilet unit with minimal tools. No screwdriver required!

  • The ideal unit for easy transportation.

Rapidloo’s Advantages
  • Compliance with international regulations on workplace safety. Professionals no longer have to handle assembled units weighing 80/90 kg but individual components ranging in weight from a minimum of 1kg to a maximum of 13kg.

  • 50% reduction in transportation costs in your balance sheets (Transport of 2 Rapidloo Demountable Portable Toilets in the same space as 1 assembled toilet).

  • 1:4 reduction in transportation costs in your balance sheet (Transport of 4 Rapidloo Demountable Portable Toilets in the same space as 1 assembled unit).

  • 1:4 reduction in the storage space needed on yards (repackaging of the pack of 4 Rapidloo results in a 1:4 reduction in the storage space on yards).

  • By repackaging the pack of 4, the three units contained in it are not exposed to UV rays. Therefore, the lifespan of a Rapidloo is much longer than that of a conventional unit that is always exposed to UV rays.

  • Maximum interchangeability of each component without having to remove screws or rivets. In fact, the operator can replace one component of Rapidloo with another very fast (in case of vandalism, the operator can replace the damaged part by simply releasing the levers and replacing the damaged piece).

  • Door pre-assembled in door frame

R-SANITIZE for RapidLoo

R-sanitize is an innovative 3-in-1 accessory for RapidLoo Portable Restroom that can be used as a hand-wash sink AND recirculating flush OR fresh water flush. This one single accessory covers all 3 requirements!

It is rectangular measuring 106 H x 62 W x 17 D cm / 42” H x 24” W x 7” D and weighs only 14.5 KG / 39 LBS. It can be easily stored when not in use & stacked during transport. R-sanitize comes already assembled with 2 foot pumps, all tubes and mechanisms. Stop wasting time with assembly!!! The connector hoses have easy snap- on / snap-off connectors that attach and detach in seconds.

Decide how to use R-sanitize: hand-wash/flush or hand-wash/recirculation.

It is composed of a fresh water holding tank for the sink, 14 L / 4 gal capacity. The used-grey-sink-water drains directly into the flush tank, optimizing the quantity of the fresh-flush water from 30 L / 8 gal to 44 L / 12 gal. The sink meets EU standards that can wash all the way up to the elbow.

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